Presentation of the Company

MAP système® is an independent company founded by Alain Faisandier and Thérèse Renard in 1996.

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MAP système consultants have a long professional experience in design control, methodology, management, quality assurance, and project management within civil and military systems including telecommunication, space, nuclear power, aeronautics, biomedical devices, automotive and data processing.

MAP système consultants are actively involved in ISO-IEC standardization, the guide to systems engineering body of knowledge (SEBoK), the INCOSE SE Handbook, and methodological studies that allow them to anticipate the best practices and apply the most recent know-how.

MAP système – 2, Chemin de la Serre – 31450 BELBERAUD – France
Vox : +33 (0) 5 61 27 98 61
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MAP système ® is a trade mark of Sinergie :
Sinergie Ltd capital 100 000 Euros
SIREN : 408 058 592 – RCS Toulouse – APE 7112B

The illustrations of this website link the past to the present as a continuity, and show that engineering precedes realization sometimes from several centuries.

The ancient illustrations come from Leonardo Da Vinci manuscripts and from Encyclopaedia of DIDEROT. Leonardo Da Vinci represents for us the union of the genius for creation and the rigour of engineering; he is an example and shows the permanence of principles, the strength of ideas, the harmony between Art and Engineering.

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