Systems Engineering Methods

Industry gradually passed from the manufacture of mono-function products to complex units implementing heterogeneous elements that included equipment, software and people. The realization of modern systems demands the integration of multiple disciplines: mechanics, electronics, chemistry, telecommunication, data processing, acoustics, psychology, etc.

Today companies must cope not only with the complexity of internal organizational systems, but also solve problems that often include hidden variables; for example, new technologies, emerging techniques, international cooperation, multiplicity of stakeholders, intensive and intangible information processing, increasing reliability constraints, natural environment constraints, reduction of cost and production time.

The complexity of the business environment requires innovations in management techniques and the willingness to engineer solutions via a convergence of iterative processes.

Systems Engineering is a discipline that allows to control architecture, design and realization of such sets, taking into account the whole life cycle from elicitation of needs till disposal. All sectors including services can take advantage applying it.

MAP système provides a full spectrum of services to assist the successful implementation of Systems Engineering using an Integrated Methodology Transfer approach including :




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