Systems Engineering Practical Guidelines

September 2012:

  • A new heading has been added to the web site to promote the series of books entitled “Engineering and Architecting Multidisciplinary Systems” written by Alain Faisandier, and published by Sinergy’Com. See the heading Books.

Sinergy’Com is a specific publisher created by SINERGIE Sarl Company, and is referenced at ISBN.

The first volume to be published is not the volume 1, but volume 3 which title is “Systems Architecture and Design”. The volume 2 “Systems Opportunities and Requirements” will be available in October 2012. The expected rate of production is 1 to 2 volumes a year.

The volumes 1 and 2 are first written in English. French versions will be produced later. Several formats are available (protected e-book PDF format, classical paper format, etc.). The first format is published in PDF.